BBQ Guru

Shotgun Fred revolutionized BBQ when he invented the original BBQ Guru, and the latest version makes automatic termperature control simpler than ever. The DigiQ DX2 is built with the difficult conditions competition cooks must endure in mind. Features like armored probes, weather resistant case design and a high brightness led display that you can actually read from 30 feet away at night set this product apart from other products that may look good at first, but just can't stand up to the tortures of bad weather and unreliable power.


Southern Q smokers are designed to work with or without a power draft system, but the addition of a BBQ Guru brings you precision temperature control and faster recovery, making a good smoker even better. We stock DigiQ's and plenty of spare parts, so no need to panic if your dog chews up your meat probe the day before a big contest!

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