Prototype #3 of the TNT gravity feed smoker The Southern Q Story

Competition BBQ cooks want state of the art equipment they can customize to meet their specifications. They also need reasonable prices and quick delivery. Southern Q is a company that was created to meet these demands - Pro BBQ people building gear that is proven to perform in the challenging world of competition cooking. Starting with single gravity feed smoker model, Southern Q has grown into a full time business serving the BBQ community by building the custom smokers and trailers that have become the signature rigs of the professional circuit.

Some of the highest accolades in BBQ have been won with Southern Q Smokers, and many of the top ranked teams have chosen the competitive edge that a custom competition BBQ trailer affords the serious cook. Take a look at the results at your next event and odds are you will see more than a few calls going to teams that cook on Southern Q.

Scott Smith, Owner Southern Q founder, Scott Smith and son Christopher Smith, Nationional Champions

In 2009, Scott Smith moved from cooking in his own backyard to backyard cook-offs. Formerly a regular player on the golf long drive circuit, he was hooked on the competition side of BBQ when he won Reserve Grand in a local backyard event. After switching to the Pro division in 2010, he set out in search of a competition smoker that would perform well cooking hot and fast. Scott tried a variety of the smokers on the market before designing and building his own water smoker. Following revision and refinements, a trailer mounted version of the current 500 Series has become his favored competition setup.

Demand for his smokers became so great that Scott combined his skills as a welder with his passion for cooking into a successful career. Scott works full time at Southern Q and competes somewhere around the country nearly every weekend. Pursuing an aggressive contest schedule all over the SouthEast, Scott's Que'n Stew'n & Brew'n team has racked up an impressive list of Grand Championships and collected a growing number of perfect score pins.

Once Southern Q smoker designs had been proven on the circuit, Scott turned his attention to the second most important piece of equipment in the BBQ Team's arsenal - the cook trailer. At this time no one was focusing on purpose-built trailers specifically for competition cooks. Each team came up with their own solution either by modifying stock RV or cargo trailers or building a custom unit from scratch. Scott formed a partnership with Freedom Trailers and worked to create what has become the pinnacle of rigs for BBQ competitors: the QSB mobile kitchen porch trailer. Once cook teams could see the practical design, quality workmanship and competitive advantage the new QSB BBQ trailers offered, they started flying of the lot as fast as Scott could build them. On more than one occasion, Scott has driven home from a contest without a trailer because a cook at the event decided they had to have his rig now, and bought it out from under him, lock stock and smoker!

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