Toyhauler & Cargo Customization

One of the biggest trends on the competition scene is the adaptation of Toyhauler travel trailers for use as a contest cooking trailer. Originally designed to allow motorsport fans to bring their "toys" along on family camping trips, cook teams discovered the garage area of these trailers could carry smokers instead of 4 wheelers. The combination of comfortable RV-style living quarters and a large cargo space is a natural fit for teams who want to bring the kids along to contests.

For others, the economy and versatility of the basic cargo trailer is an appealing choice, offering more protection from the weather than a tent and a place you can store your competition gear permanently - no more loading and unloading for every event.


Since both solutions involve compromises, buyers of toyhaulers & cargo trailers usually come to the conclusion that a few modifications to their new trailer are needed in order for the rig to serve as a good mobile kitchen for the BBQ circuit. Are you the kind who likes to do it yourself but occasionally lack the skills or tooling to tackle a project? Maybe you're too busy and prefer to have someone else do the work, so you are free to enjoy your weekends? Either way, QSB Trailers is the shop for you!

We've got the equipment for sheet metal fabrication,  forklifts for heavy lifting, an industrial paint booth, etc., plus the skilled workers with extensive experience in working on trailers. Need mounting brackets welded to your frame for mounting your smoker? A sink installed in your Toyhauler garage? Rubberized flooring? Lightweight cabinets? Diamondplate? We've got you covered, and we can usually get your rig in and out in just a few days.

QSB Trailer Sales, Acworth GA - custom cook trailers for competition, tailgating and concessions For additional ideas, be sure to check out our gallery of popular mobile kitchen features in the Competition Trailer section. Many of these can be added to your current rig for a fraction of the cost of buying a new trailer.

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