Open (Flatbed or Landscaper) Trailers

When it comes to durabilty, versatility and low cost, nothing compares with the simple open trailer. Available in a surprising number of configurations, these trailers can move your lawn tractor or trash as easily as your competition setup. Our flatbeds feature rugged steel frames and fenders and your choice of wood or metal deck. Choose a ramp style and carrying capacity and you're ready for whatever hauling job that comes along for years to come.


Build time on open trailers is very short, and many popular models are stocked for quick delivery. These type of trailers are where many a new BBQ team has started out, and few sell their open trailer even after moving up to a higher-end rig. An open trailer is just incredibly handy to have around!

We can modify base open trailers with extra tie-downs or reinforcements for to suit your needs. Call us for a quote!

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