Concession & Catering Trailers

Do you sell your BBQ? At first glance a competition porch trailer may seem identical to a rig used for vending to the public, but all it takes is one visit from the health inspector to learn there is a lot more to being legal than cutting a big window and hanging out a menu board! QSB Trailer Sales understands these requirements, so we build good looking trailers will make both customers and inspectors happy - without spending a food truck fortune to get started.


Every area is subject to different regulations, so you should begin by identifying which City, County and/or State agencies regulate food service in the locations where you intend to operate. Typically the code is set at the state level but enforced at the County level, so you can expect some variation in interpretation of the rules from one locality to another. Your Health Department will explain what equipment requirements you must meet in detail. This is not the time to wing it, the rules are specific and the people in charge of enforcement take the task seriously!

While many of these rules are not intuitive for someone coming from the BBQ competition world, the good news is that most of the ones that apply to equipment are standardized across the country and we have lots of experience in building vending trailers.  Special treatments for flying insect control, sanitation, separation of living and food preparation areas and the use of commercial grade appliances and fixtures must be considered.

The gallery below showcases some of the most popular features we build into our vending trailers. We're here to help design a rig that will allow you to make a profit, not just sell you a random trailer off a sales lot. Give us a call and let's talk about your needs.

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